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1. Comparison of different DBMS technologies

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Purpose: To get an idea of the life cycle and place of DBMS in the organization’s information system and begin acquaintance with the client-server architecture of DBMS, to which this course of lectures is devoted.

The basics

The following basic concepts are used to compare different DBMS technologies:

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The section is devoted to the evolution of data storage and management systems within an organization from handheld file cabinets to modern data management systems (DBMS). The advantages and disadvantages of the DBMS are indicated. The comparative analysis of various DBMS architectures is given. The life cycle of a database (DB) is described, which is an integral part of the life cycle of an organization information system. Control questions are given, the answers to which will allow to consolidate the material detailed in the lecture.


The lecture is divided into five parts. Start with security questions. If you know the answers to them, then feel free to go to the next section.

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