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About project "Relational databases"

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About project

The number of sites about relational and non-relational databases is huge. So how does this resource differ from the rest? We offer you to answer this question, dear user. For the author of the project, this is an opportunity to present their view on relational databases. But this is only the beginning. Follow the development of the project…


The purpose of this project is familiarization of the wide interested audience with the theoretical and practical side of the relational databases (RDB) organization.


Organization of relational data bases (DB) is an essential area of knowledge for the expert of the time who is getting education in the technical branch. First of all it happens due to the fact that today about 80percents of governmental and commercial structures of the whole world use for their work databases that rely on relational model proposed by Edgar Codd in 1970. Conception of the relational model was verified with a long period of time and turned to be so good, that database management systems (DMS) that from time to time appear on the market and are created on the basis of other models could not significantly make an influence on the spread of DMS based on relational model.


For students and young professionals learning the professions: a programmer, a web designer, an information security, the site’s materials will allow you to become familiar with the relational model of the database and the methods of working with it. Also, it will help in the implementation of projects, in which the database is a part. This information will be useful for construction of SQL queries and taking measures to protect information in the databases from unauthorized access Project and department managers will be able to get an idea of the life cycle, architectural solutions and other general issues of database development. Teachers of educational institutions can use these materials to give lectures on the organization of relational databases for a wide range of technical specialties.

Stages of development

At the first stage, you were offered a course of lectures on the organization of relational databases. Now there is a stage of modernization of the site structure. It will facilitate the addition of new information to any section of the site. At the next stage, practical exercises for each section of the site will be added. Further development of the project will be determined after analyzing the behavior of the audience on the appearance of practical exercises on relational databases.

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